Thursday, February 7, 2008

your jupiter sign

my friend pam is so amazing. she is the woman that everyone wants to be. she has an awesome husband, a beautiful daughter, a great house, and she radiates beauty and love effortlessly to everyone she meets. her recent, as she puts it, "hilarious obsession" with astrology prompted her to bring me a book last week called madalyn aslan's jupiter signs. its a magical little book that gives you a guide for discovering your jupiter sign by your birth date, and then a detailed chapter illuminating how you can take advantage of your unique gifts and become your highest self, accessing your authentic and true nature. i am a "sadge" jupiter, as jupiter was in sagittarius when i was born. pam suggested i make a digital collage of my sadge jupiter self, as "queen of the universe" to help me connect with the ideals put forth in the reading. last night i created the collage, below. i can now do jupiter sign portrait readings for you too! with a birthdate and a portrait photo, i will create a jupiter sign portrait for you, and provide an intuitive reading to accompany it. please click on the email link below for details and pricing.

"married to the universe"
me, in all my sadge jupiter glory.
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