Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a new painting

portrait of ines
oil on canvas

i completed this painting today and i am submitting it to the national portrait gallery. it is shipping out to london on friday.

what a journey! two sittings during which i took several reference photos, and an impossible to count number of hours working on it in the studio. i just find ines dali to be so inspiring. she is also in the color and black and white photos i featured recently.

every year the national portrait gallery accepts submissions for the BP portrait award. 60 paintings are selected for exhibition and viewed by close to 200,000 visitors, including the royal family and other dignitaries, like madonna. how wonderful would it be to be chosen.

i am simultaneously working on a commissioned portrait of a beautiful little boy, (i will post it when its finished), and on a new series of paintings that i am preparing for a show. i am so grateful to be creating art!

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